Waiting for You

‘Waiting for you’ can now be downloaded on Ether books. This is a short story about a mother waiting for her daughter to come home late one night.

I found Bridget Whelan’s guide to suspense ‘Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid’ in her Back to Creative Writing School book very useful in getting the mood, pace and tension just right. Thank you, Bridget!

Mother & Child 12

Mother and Child by Marilyn Sears Bourbon


Three Red Birds


Three Red Birds
Marilyn Sears Bourbon

Marilyn Sears Bourbon has kindly allowed me to show her paintings alongside my posts. Three Red Birds I hope to use it as a starting point for a new short story. So thank you Marilyn. I hope everyone enjoys her work as much as I do.  I would recommend a visit to her website where there are lots more marvellous paintings.

The Sequined Shawl

Marilyn Sears Bourbon

Survivor Marilyn Sears Bourbon

The Sequined Shawl is now available to read on-line at r.kv.ry quarterly literary journal. The wonderful watercolour artist Marilyn Sears Bourbon features in this issue and her painting ‘Survivor’ has been selected to accompany my story. The other stories, poems and essays are also a real pleasure to read. Hope you enjoy this issue and any comments are always appreciated.

Thanks to Marilyn Sears Bourbon for allowing her work to be displayed on this blog.