Cobalt Blue

Pair of classic black leather Dr. Martens boot...

Pair of classic black leather Dr. Martens boots, with distinctive yellow stitching around sole. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yvonne wants Carl to notice her; she has managed to get away with wearing fish net stockings to school. She props up her geometry book so that her hands are hidden from Ms Elwood, then picks up the pair of cold metal compasses, admiring her cherry red nails, and with the sharp point etches his name deep into the wooden desk. With her fountain pen she follows the letters, letting the ink meander between the grains of oak. Carl gets up to sharpen his pencil.  As he swaggers past, Yvonne knocks down her book and reveals his name – he looks straight on.  In front of the black board he creates long twirls of shavings as he rotates the sharpener and informs Ms Elwood that she looks good today. Then he comes back down the aisle, grins, and nudges Shelley’s stilettos with his black Doc Martens. For the rest of the lesson Yvonne traces her fingers through his name until they turn cobalt blue.

Thanks to Bridget Whelan for inspiring me with her Monday Creative Writing Exercises. This is my offering for the Friday Flash senseless challenge – touch.