Cockle Shells

You can now buy You, Me and a bit of We, published by Chuffed Buff Books as a paperback or to read on your Kindle. It is a celebration of writing in the first and second person.

My story Cockle Shells is included in this collection and explores how a young girl comes to terms with her grief through the passage of time.

A celebration of writing in the first, second and third person.

A celebration of writing in the first, second and third person.


New Flavours


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New Flavours was recorded by Elizabeth Bower and is now on-line at Great Stories with Heart to listen to or download. If you like rum and raisin, tutti-frutti and cherry ice-cream this maybe to your taste.

I was lucky enough to win the Sophie King Prize with this short story.

Snails, olives and other distractions

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According to many websites, blogs and kindle guides, lists are very popular and are bound to increase your traffic flow. With this in mind, and ignoring the advice that the list should really be value laden, I came up with this one.

This week’s Top Ten distractions from writing

1. The need to pop outside (just for a few minutes), to see whether the slugs and snails have eaten the newly planted petunias. Then the battle of spotting them and finding an ethical method of disposal – without anyone seeing.

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In Praise of Prompts

I’ve been starting my day with writing prompts. They are so much fun, and if you don’t take them too seriously can go anywhere.
Here’s my current list feel free to add, take and comment.

He wished that she wouldn’t do that ……( I used this one yesterday and got 2000 words from it)
She’d never stopped feeling bitter……
He’d lied so much already…..
He wondered what would have happened if she hadn’t seduced him …..
It was their worst fear …..
She looked just right …..
She couldn’t put up with it a moment longer ……
As he entered the room he was overwhelmed …….
God, she had to move on otherwise ………