January Reading


Marilyn Sears Bourbon

A day in the life of a smiling woman by Margaret Drabble

The best short story collection I have read to date. So good I have had to order it as this copy was from the library. I felt as if I had read a novel after I had finished each story.

Oleander, Jacarandra by Penelope Lively

This is a lovely account of her childhood spent in Egypt. My favourite images are of Penelope having picnics in the desert and donkey rides by the pyramids.

Sweet Home by Cary Bray, Winner of the Scotts Prize

Lots of stories about modern motherhood here.

I still dream about you by Fannie Flagg

This is the last one of Fannie Flagg’s books, that I haven’t read. As a result I had to read it very slowly. Loved the chapter where Maggie’s car crashed; the car landed upside down and she found herself face to face with a goat in the passenger seat.

Zennor in darkness by Helen Dunmore

Wonderful portrait of Cornwall.



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